Juan De Fuca Marine Trail conquered on a plant based diet!

Juan De Fuca Marine Trail conquered on a plant based diet!

For those not familiar with the Juan de Fuca trail its a 47km hike along the west coast of Vancouver Island from just outside Sooke to Port Renfew.


We had never done a multi-day hike before so though this one would be a gooder to start with as there are many exit points along the way, unlike the West Coast Trail.

For anyone needing to pack food on their backs for multiple meals I highly recommend dehydrating your food. You can literally just cook up a meal, throw it on a dehydrator rack for a couple days and voila, you have a light weight meal in a bag that only requires boiling water to prep on the trail.

I did two kinds of meals; rice pasta with tempeh, tomato sauce and veggies and black and pinto beans with quinoa. By the end of the trip we combined the two meals for a little variation but all in all they were amazing meals.

I also dehydrated zucchini chips for more veg and some apples for snacking on.


We got off course at one part where there a severe lack of signage so please don’t make the same mistake we did at China Beach and go into the bush (if your heading south to north) after a wide creek crossing. We lost 2 hours bushwhacking and following other lost people’s tracks. The trail is on the beach up and over a jam of logs!


Otherwise I highly recommend this hike as it was a beautiful hike and the strenuous trails only added to the adventure!



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