Quick and easy, just the way I like it sometimes.

Quick and easy, just the way I like it sometimes.

Didn’t even feel like getting the toaster which is fine because this cinnamon and honey bread is just fine and dandy on a nice slice of fresh non-gmo bread!

“Buttered” with virgin organic coconut oil then kissed with honey from our local bee keeper and finally sprinkled with organic non-irradiated health inducing cinnamon, this snack or light lunch is ready to devour!

Did you know that the combo of cinnamon and honey prepared and used in different ways has a plethora of health benefits from bad breath to arthritis? Check this site out for more info:


While on the topic of honey I would like to mention that I do not support big brand honey as their practices seem unethical to me. There is a shortage of bees these days caused by human interference from electro-magnetic pollution and insecticides and I believe that local bee keepers with good business practices are aiding and helping to sustain bee populations so this vegan eats honey sometimes and this is how I justify it but you won’t see me buying Bee-Maid or using it at the coffee shop.


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