Irresistible Energy Bars

Irresistible Energy Bars

Something that is produced in your own kitchen with ingredients that you picked out is always better than anything commercial so here are some raw energy bars that you can whip up pretty quickly with your food processor.


5 medjool dates

1/2 c cashews

1 c almonds

** optional 1 cup rolled oats processed first into a coarse flour. If adding oats you will need a 9″ loaf pan.

1/4 cup toasted sesame seeds (toasted really brings out the sesame flavor and adds depth to this bar)

scant 1/4 cup organic semi sweet chocolate chips (I could have used cocoa powder instead but the odd chunk of chocolate is a nice texture and hit of sweetness)

1/4 cup chia seeds

2 T agave

2 T coconut oil

2 T water

–Pulse dates in food processor until just slightly chopped up. Add nuts and pulse till mixed. Add the rest of the ingredients and pulse till everything is combined. Mixture should be sticky enough to press into 7″ loaf pan lined with plastic wrap for easy removal. If mixture is not tacky enough add water 1 tsp at a time as it does not take much liquid for this to bind.

**I made this 2x, once with oats and once without. The flavor doesn’t change but if you want to add some bulk to the bars for taking on strenuous activities I recommend the oats. You might want to use less agave if you’re not going to use oats.

Keep chilled in the fridge.


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