Raw Plant-Based Pizza!

Picture 14

One of my favorite things to eat because there are so many ways to dress it up.  I use a homemade buckwheat and sunflower dehydrated pizza crust from Gorilla Food but since most people don’t have a dehydrator or the time to prepare these I would suggest using the big Britl Crunch rye crackers that come in record-sized stacks of 10 or so.  Look in the European section of your grocery store.  Bob’s Mill also makes a nice gluten free crust mix as well!  However if there is interest in the dehydrated crust I will put it on if so demands.  

Favorite toppings include:

Finely chopped or food processed kale with a pinch of salt or lemon juice, sun-dried tomato,

thin sliced veggies such as peppers, purple onion, broccoli, really anything goes!

Marinated mushrooms:

Thinly sliced white mushrooms marinated for at least 20 minutes in olive oil, italian herbs and a slosh of apple cider vinegar or;

tamari soy sauce with sambal olek and a slosh of apple cider vinegar.  

Experiment with your own combos.

Walnut Cheeze (must have!!)

A few handfuls of walnuts in the food processor with a dash of salt and sprinkling of nutritional yeast makes the “cheese” topping of raw pizza.  I don’t like to use processed imitations such as Daiya Cheese or Soy Cheese as they are over-processed vegan junk food which should be eaten sparingly.  

Pizza Sauce

Hemp pesto is delicious on this; recipe can be found on the Tomato Pesto Good Schmeeze post.  For a tomato base you can simply food process a ripe tomato—skin and all, stalk of celery, 1/2 a pepper, italian spices, dash of salt.  You can also just just the marinade if you are doing marinated mushrooms as a drizzled sauce.  Simple and delicious!


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